Gift these fruit baskets to your loved ones

There are a number of things that you can add to your diet chart in case you are on a weight loss spree. This may include low-fat cooking as well as a host of fresh and raw ingredients. Apart from salads, you can also have a fruit basket every day to fill yourself with much-required calories that will not add to your overall fat gain. Fruit is one such thing which is favored by most weight watchers because it helps in speeding up the metabolism due to the high level of dietary fibers that may be found in most fruits. In this regard, you can choose fruit baskets that will also have other ingredients to add taste and health to your platter. You can take your pick from a range of seasonal fruits which will also build immunity, boost strength and help lose weight as well. Here are a number of things that you can put into your healthy fruit baskets.

Assorted fruit basket
Create a colorful fruit set that are local, fresh and seasonal fruits. The ideal way to arrange a basket is by pairing fruits that one can have together. These pairings usually have to do with flavor and nutritional value. You can choose to put apples and oranges together, but you cannot combine apples with watermelon, since both have conflicting seasonal growth time. While you can choose watermelon with musk melon and papaya during the warm summer months, you should ideally let the fresh apples come in during the cooler months of the year. A fruit basket is primarily about the freshness, which comes from the seasonal fare. So, it would be a good weight loss idea to select those fruits that grow in that particular season.

Honey & condiments
Did you know that honey goes well with most fruit including apples and grapefruit? For your low-fat, weight loss-inducing state, you can choose these kinds of accompaniments to add taste to your fruit basket. You can add honey in place of sugar for seasoning, as well as other condiments like cinnamon powder to many kinds of fruit. Also, a little freshly squeezed lemon juice over papaya and grapefruit will give these fruits a much better flavor with plenty of punch. This will also help you in doing away with unnecessary calories.

Dry fruit & seeds
You can add dates, almonds, pistachios and much more to your fruit basket. This will add more texture, when it comes to taste. Also, adding raisins ensures that you always have a low-calorie snack when you are taking a break from all that fruit or salad eating. You can also add other seeds like pumpkin, watermelon and sunflower seeds to your fruit basket for a protein dose. This will keep you full and feeling satisfied so that you can avoid the needless cravings for junk food as well.

Weight-loss bars & homemade jams
Another thing that you can add to your basket is protein bars. This will make sure that you’re not starving at any given point of the day. Also, homemade, seasonal fruit jams can be added as well.